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Light-sensitive protein

  • Bacteriorhodopsin – light-sensitive protein similar to optic rhodopsin of human eye.

  • Bacteriorhodopsin is obtained from halobacteria cell membranes. It's function in purple membranes is light-dependent proton transfer (H+) over the purple membrane, which results in electrochemical hydrogen potential formation on halobacteria cell membrane.

  • Bacteriorhodopsin behaves as a photochromic medium with a quick time of information storage. Optical and dynamic BR characteristics change in wide range by production conditions and matrix composition.

Liposomes Properties

  • Liposomes can simultaneously encapsulate hydrophilic (a) and hydrorhobic (b) active ingredients in one product

  • High translaminar activity of liposomes increase efficiency of active ingredients

  • Phospholipids (base of liposomes) restore damaged cells

  • Phospholipids are obtained from natural sources

  • The use of liposomes do not result in allergic reactions

Observation of nano-objects

Nano-Scan – is a product of years-long research and development by leading Russian scientists. The instrument is designed for observation of nano-objects and surfaces with super high resolution. The instrument is used for visual observation of nano-objects.

The instrument combines:

  • Internet-enabled remote operation functions

  • compact size

  • open architecture

  • powerful software

The microscope supports over 50 scanning probe microscopy methods.